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About Us

Our Story

Drawing on our experience in a range of market sectors and investment strategies, we provide a full range of advice to clients in the global private investment funds industry.

We represent global buyers and sellers of private fund and portfolio company interests in the secondary market. We also represent institutions in many varied special arrangements, including customized investment funds, separate accounts, joint ventures, seed arrangements, and myriad other structures and products.

Quid Investment is not making any recommendation or soliciting any action based upon the information contained herein. This information is furnished to you with the express understanding that it does not constitute: (i) an offer, solicitation or recommendation to invest in a particular investment in any jurisdiction; (ii) a means by which any such investment may be offered or sold; or (iii) advice or an expression of Quid Investment’s view as to whether a particular investment is appropriate for you and meets your financial objectives.

Quid Investment Ltd is part of Lightsky Investment LLC